Use TEST MY DRINK to avoid sexual assault, date rape or robbery

Symptoms of drink spiking imageSymptoms of drink spiking imageSymptoms of drink spiking image
Symptoms of drink spiking

The effects of drink spiking vary depending on what you’ve been spiked with. Your symptoms could include

•Lowered inhibitions
•Loss of balance
•Visual problems

Dr Sarah Jarvis, Drinkaware medical advisor, says: “The symptoms will depend on lots of factors such as the substance or mix of substances used (including the dose), your size and weight, and how much alcohol you have already consumed.”

“If your drink has been spiked it's unlikely that you will see, smell or taste any difference. Most date rape drugs take effect within 15-30 minutes and symptoms usually last for several hours. If you start to feel strange or more drunk than you should be, then get help straight away.”

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