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The incidence of spiked drinks among college students may be more common than anyone thought, a new study suggests. Researchers who surveyed more than 6,000 students from three American universities found that nearly 8 percent said they thought they’d been slipped a doctored drink, while over 1 percent said they had sneaked one into someone else’s glass, according to the study published in Psychology of Violence. “I think it’s been around for a while, but it was under the radar,” said the study’s lead author, Suzanne Swan, a professor in the departments of psychology and women’s and gender studies at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. advertisement High-profile cases, like those of Bill Cosby and ex-NFL star Darren Sharper may have brought it more to the fore, Swan said. Recently, actress Rebel Wilson tweeted that her drink had been "roofied" while she was at a club with friends. Swan and her colleagues surveyed 6,064 college students from the University of South Carolina, the University of Kentucky and the University of Cincinnati. Among the questions asked of the students were: “Since the beginning of the fall term, how many times do you suspect or know that someone put a drug into your drink without your knowledge? “Since the beginning of the fall term, have you or someone you know put drugs into someone else’s drink on purpose? “What drug or drugs were used? The researchers also asked people who drugged others about their motives. In nearly a third of cases the reason was to facilitate some sort of sexual assault, but there were other motives, including, for fun, for vengeance and to see what would happen. Women were more likely than men to say they’d been the victims of spiking and also reported more negative consequences than men. Every two minutes “another American is sexually assaulted” according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), and 44% of the victims are under 18 years of age and 80% of the victims are under 30 years old. An estimated 2/3 of the rapists are known to the victim, yet 97% of the rapists “never spend a day in jail.” With the shocking statistics of cases where the rapist is known to the victim, it is easy to understand why people may wonder why the perpetrator is never even arrested. Date rape discounts the perceived notion that the rapist is some stranger lurking behind the bushes or in the shadows of the night who overpowers the victim. There are in the marked other different products as colored ingredients, concealed with smart straws, detect drugs, slipchip,drink bite test, drinksavvy amazon, sabre, drink safe, sipchip, under cover colors,undercovercolors, sip safe, checkyourdrink, sabrered, guardyourdrink, guard your drink, drink detective, check your drink, checkyourdrink, drink safe, drinksafe, drinkaware, drink aware, the straw that may detect, straw, test your drinking, test you drink, test your drink, undercover colors nail polish, nail polish, drink spike drug detector, drinkcoach, drink checker, is your drink okay?, New date-rape drug test, date rape drug test, drinkiq,


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