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How to help a friend who you think has been spiked

If your friend is showing any of the signs described above there are few things you can do to help.
What to do if you think a friend has been spiked:

•Tell a bar manager, bouncer or member of staff
•Stay with them and keep talking to them
•Call an ambulance if their condition deteriorates
•Don’t let them go home on their own
•Don’t let them leave the venue with someone you don’t know or trust
•If possible, try and prevent them drinking more alcohol as this could lead to more serious problems

What to do if you think you have been spiked

If you’re on your own, call someone you trust or dial 911 if you need urgent help. If you suspect drink spiking, ask to be taken to the nearest Accident and Emergency department.

Tell the medical staff you think you’ve been spiked. Urine and blood tests carried out in the first 24-72 hours are most likely to detect traces of date rape drugs.